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About Aquati-Lease

Aquati-Lease founded by Karl Jelinek came about whilst working within the industry custom building, refurbishing and maintaining company and individually owned tropical aquariums. Aquariums as well as the inhabitants come at relatively high cost. The general consensus was that the clients were reluctant to invest into the initial set-up; thus brining birth to Aquati-Lease.

With years experience in the tropical aquarium industry Aquati-Lease has aligned itself with only the very best in equipment, aquatic supplies, aquarium constructors and carpenters thus enabling us to deliver you with the highest quality product.

We have also been involved in various unique projects namely the conception of the first “Open Bottom Aquarium” (see products). This exclusive product came about to offer our clientele something new, unique and different. Our “Pond Aquariums” where also received with much enthusiasm by Koi enthusiasts. (See gallery)

For further enquiries, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.